My name is Wojtek Kogut and I’m a street and travel photographer. Originally I’m from Poland, but I’m now living and working in Krakow, where I returned more than three years ago. 
I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures as a hobby, but all that changed when planning a holiday in 2012 I decided to take part in a photo workshop in Morocco. For me it was a truly life-changing experience where I learned an amazing amount of technical knowledge and, more importantly, gained the self-confidence to go out and capture images of the locals.
In the years and months that followed I pounded the streets of London (where I lived for ten wonderful years) and Europe shooting what I found. And I’ve taken part in many global photo competitions competing with photographers from all over the world. I’ve also had a collection of work displayed at Camera Club – one of the most prestigious galleries in London. To share the knowledge I’ve gained I run workshops on Adobe Lightroom and organise photo walks.
Although photography isn’t my full time job, it is my passion, my second life. It lets me share with you what I see through my eyes, what my soul and my heart tells me is worthy of recording, capturing, fixing in time. And I love the challenge of street photography where the unique, unpredictable, moment awaits you. 

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