Almost four years ago, I attended London Pride Event that gathered around one million of people in Central London. It was my last one as later in 2016, I moved back to Poland. The main reason I have published these photos is another Month of Pride but above all the current political situation in Poland, where the Members of LGBT community are treated so badly by the current president, the government and the other representatives. I will not quote here what was said (you can easily find those horrible words online).

The London Pride (I attended three), was not only a great photo opportunity for someone like me who loves and does Street Photography but (again) it was a day of integrity, a day full of respect for the others, the celebration of unity and respect for the diversity. 

I wish, I wish so much that my country one day would be like that where the diversity will bring all of us closer, when we look at People around us with respect and will not judge them nor humiliate, harass them because they look different, they believe in other God, or they love someone. 

With those images, I salute all People who have been hurt by recent events, words and events caused by the current authorities.